Professional Women’s Magazine, Spring 2016

So this should have been listed here oh like last year however, I just learned how to add it into the Press side of the website. Read on…

We had just delivered the 3,000 Bite Size piece order to the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas Nevada for their 2016 New Year’s Eve Celebration!

We (a smaller group of my amazing crew) had just gotten to our rooms and we were all relaxing and chatting it up. I began checking my messages of course. One message sounded interesting from Professional Women’s Magazine, they asked if I could return the call as soon as possible. And, so I did – I called right away!

Professional Womens Magazine Spring 2016

After having the high from all the baking time, topping time, packaging time and the delivery I truly realized that I had the best possible group of people around me! I was on top of the world! But after chatting with the editor I was even more excited about Mama Cheesecake! I thought to myself “how exciting and wow people really do read what’s going on via social media.” I was told that they found me on Social Media and through “Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence” and they loved all that they read and heard!

Below is page 32-33 of Professional Women’s Magazine Spring 2016 issue. This is an article that tells a brief story of two women and how they did it right to develop their businesses. By surrounding themselves with other successful business women and organizations to help them raise their dreams! I am so honored to have been selected to be one of the two selected.

Pg 32-33 of Professional Womens Mag Spring 2016

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