Mother’s Day 2017

I was wondering how many of you are gluten free either by choice or have to be? I guess it really does not matter thing is wouldn’t it be nice to make a great cake for your mom (or for someone you look up to as a mom) that you can share with her?

Sooo, if you were unable to order your gluten-free cheesecake to share here is a great recipe for one of the best Angel Food Cake I have ever had! It’s very easy to make with two minor changes (1) use Cup 4 Cup gluten free flour, I have found it is one of the best to use for baking (2) when baking don’t over mix and most important once you have mixed all the ingredients together always, always let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes.

Now go make a yummy Angel Food Cake to share! I’m sharing this amazing recipe because you know Mama, always told me to share!

Oh yes, I made it see the pic below, I also made the strawberries (mashed them all by myself!), and the whip cream all with love of course!

Follow this link to Martha Stewarts Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake!